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Ninety Farms


Ninety Farms began in 1993 with some of the first Katahdin Hair sheep on the west coast. Since then we have had nearly 2,500 purebred Katahdin Lambs! We are constantly searching for the highest quality breeding rams to continually increase the quality of our flock. We keep approximatly 125 breeding ewes which will produce 250 plus lambs each year. About half of them are sold as breeding stock all over the world while the remaining lambs are found in some of the very best Seattle area restaurants.


Our lush fields along the Stillaguamish river yield some of the best grass you can grow which in turn creates wonderful grass fed lamb. Our fields are harvest in the spring to supply the flock with winter feed with a quick regrowth  for the sheep to graze on the rest of the summer. When is it get dry in the late summer we winter rain water that was saved to use as irrigation. No commercial inputs are ever put on our fields; we compost everything which provides nutrient rich fertilizers that are spread back onto the fields each spring.


Ninety Farms is owned and operated by Linda Neunzig. Linda was recognized in 2008 by the National Chefs and Restraunteurs Associations "Women Who Inspire" award for agriculture. That same year she was also featured in Gourmet Magazine as well as at the New York City Meals on Wheels benifit as one of five producers across the country to represent Agriculture.







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